AAA Storage Keeps Units Full with Complete Media

AAA Storage partnered with Complete Media at the start of their business. They received a full corporate ID package which included a logo, business cards, and a website. This allowed AAA Storage to have a constant brand throughout their materials.

AAA Storage’s website is easy to navigate, giving potential clients effortless access to the information they are looking for. Through their partnership with Complete Media, they are able to remain at capacity in their storage facilities. This allows AAA Storage to maximize their profits to their full potential.

Darrell Thomas, Owner
AAA Storage

Complete Media Tows Redi Towing to Results

Prior to working with us, Redi Towing did not have a web presence.  Immediately upon our partnership, we built them a mobile friendly website so drivers could access their contact information with ease.  We then began their Search Engine Optimization campaign to ensure that their mobile website could be found by those looking for their services.

We also provide Redi Towing with supporting ideas to help build their brand recognition and business.  It also will help them retain current and past customers!  We support their social media efforts, as well, giving us more of an advantage to increase their search engine rankings and we track their incoming traffic to ensure that they are getting a solid return on their investment.

Casey Roth, Owner
Redi Towing
(605) 610-3446

Complete Media Keeps Moonlighting by Anderson’s Marketing Investment out of the Dark

Prior to working with us, Moonlighting by Anderson did not have a website.  We built a website for them and worked diligently on building a solid Search Engine Optimization campaign.  Today, Moonlighting by Anderson is ranked #1 on Google which provides them with inbound business and a strong advantage over their competition!  All of their inbound business is tracked to ensure that their marketing dollars are providing them with a solid return on their investment.

Keith Anderson, Owner
Moonlighting by Anderson
(605) 359-5094

Complete Media Provides Solid Coverage for North Central Insurance

North Central Insurance partnered with us to help update their over- all look/brand. We have developed new materials for them along with assisting them in redesigning and editing their website to better market to prospective clients.
Complete Media is driving traffic to North Central Insurance to provide them with a trackable return on investment.  We also assist with social posts to build relationships with prospects and clients.   As business continues to grow, we will continue to provide them with consultative ideas to provide strategic solutions for their business.
Joe Kolb, President
North Central Insurance
(605) 339-4000

Rounding Up the Marketing for McCrossan Boys Ranch

McCrossan Boys Ranch is a great partner to work with for Complete Media.  We support McCrossan Boys Ranch as part of our pro bono work for the community of Sioux Falls.  The work we have done with them is all about helping  to keep the ranch operating.
Complete Media continues to support the website we created for them. Along with branding, email marketing and pitching in to help orchestrate and execute their special events/fundraisers, the past few years have been very rewarding.  McCrossan  Boys Ranch is a pleasure to work with and the Complete Media crew looks  forward to the continued partnership with their terrific organization!

“McCrossan Boys Ranch has enjoyed working with Complete Media for several years now. We have utilized their web services, event marketing, video services and more. We have always been satisfied with the end result. The young, creative, fun staff is always a blast to work with and think outside the box. Marketing and technology are always changing and we turn to Complete Media to make sure we are keeping up with it all.” -Christy Menning

Christy Menning, Director of Development
McCrossan Boys Ranch
(605) 339-1203

Complete Media Helps Keep Fox Storage’s Units Full

When Complete Media partnered with Fox Storage, they built them a website to boost their web presence that allows them to reach their target market.  Potential clients can easily access the information they are looking for which gives Fox Storage a leg up on their competition.

Complete Media continues to drive traffic to their website.  Fox Storage is able to keep their storage facilities full which maximizes their measure of success.  Their marketing dollars are providing them with a solid return on their investment and are being fully optimized through tracking features, allowing out team to know what is working in their campaign.

Jeff Vavra, Owner
Fox Storage / AGA Properties
(605) 593-9341

605 Photo Booth Is Picture Perfect with Complete Media

605 Photo Booth partnered with us as a new business.  We developed a logo and letterhead for them along with a website that impresses their prospects and clients.  We drive traffic to their website and they are booking events from the driven phone calls.  
605 Photo Booth’s marketing is also providing them with a significant return on their investment.  Their business continues to grow and we continue to drive inbound leads for them.  We also provide them with consultative ideas to provide more solutions for their business growth.
Tucker Christopherson, Owner
605 Photo Booth

Communication is Everything

Strong communication skills are one of the most powerful assets of success. Everything we need and desire is achieved through communication on a daily basis. Through communication mastery, success can be achieved in every aspect of your life.

One of the techniques to achieving strong communication is through positive body language. This is also known as nonverbal language which conducts 80% of all communication. This includes your body language, the tone in your voice, and any gestures you make while speaking. Your nonverbal communication can show that you are being an active listener or that you are multitasking. People want to know that you are listening to what they are saying. So let me ask you this…

How do you listen to other people? What does your facial expression say? When a coworker or your significant other is trying to communicate with you, what is your body language telling them? Do you continue to look down at your phone or type away on your computer while they are trying to tell you a story or discuss a problem with you?

One way to show you are actively listening to them is to mirror their body language. This is a way to show enthusiasm at what they are saying and it tells them that you are engaged in their story. Another way to look at this concept is to mirror your body language with what YOU are saying. If you are telling an exciting story, does your body language scream, “You better pay attention to this story because it’s awesome!” or is it a story you have told before and you don’t necessarily want to share it yet again, but you are humoring your audience?

A second way to show active listening is through LEAPS. LEAPS stands for Listen, Empathize, Ask, Paraphrase, and Summarize. Chalene Johnson indicates that through following these steps will help you become an active listener. Listening is defined as giving the speaker your undivided attention. Put down your phone, stop what you are doing, and LOOK at the person that is speaking to you. Empathizing with what the speaker is saying is the next step and this can be one of the hardest steps. This means you need to think about what the person is saying and understand why they are saying it. For example, your friend is having a conversation with you about how you ‘hurt their feelings’. If you cannot set your ego aside and empathize with your friend where they are coming from, you cannot truly actively listen to them. You then need to ask questions to let the speaker know you are actively processing what they are saying followed by paraphrasing sentences so they know you understand. At the end of the conversation, discussing a quick summary is beneficial to ensure everyone is on the same page. This method helps avoid ‘hot button’ conversations that cause larger conflicts.

I know that this blog was a little long, but communication is an extremely important skill for success and I wish nothing but success for you in the future!

Complete Media Cleans the Marketing Carpets for Best Choice Carpet Cleaning

Best Choice Carpet Cleaning partnered with us with one thing in mind… a return on their investment.  Our team implemented tracking with their website, email campaigns, and marketing materials to dig into what was really going on with their current materials.  
Best Choice is the premier carpet cleaning business in Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. Not only do they provide great customer service to their clients, but also a great value in carpet and rug cleaning, hard floor cleaning, tile cleaning, tile stripping and waxing, tile shower sealing and dryer vent cleaning.
Complete Media truly enjoys working with Best Choice Carpet Cleaning because it is a true partnership.  Neither party is the smartest in the room and we work together to make results happen.  Great things are happening with Best Choice Carpet Cleaning!
Ryan VanDonge, Owner
Best Choice Carpet Cleaning

9 Tips to Enhance your Customer’s Call Experience

1. When answering the phone we want to do this with some enthusiasm! “Good morning! Thank you for calling ________ how can I help you?”

2. When speaking to your customer on the phone, make sure to use their name more than once throughout the duration of the call. This conveys to the caller that you do in fact appreciate them, and that they are not just a dollar sign to your company.

3. Keep the caller engaged in conversation if you are trying to pull up information or something of similar nature while they are on the phone. “How are you doing today?” Whatever you do, don’t let the caller sit in silence while you sort through things.

4. Avoid using phrases like “Okay” or “All right.” You want to convey to the customer that you are happy to help them with whatever it is that they need try phrases like “My pleasure,” “Absolutely” or “Certainly”

5. Good manners are a must have when answering calls– using “may” instead of “can” makes for a more professional and pleasurable experience for callers.

6. Try to avoid putting callers on hold for an extended period of time. If this is unavoidable make sure to check back with the caller periodically to let them know you have not forgotten about them.

7. Focus on the positive. Avoid using “No” or “Can’t” For instance, instead of telling a caller “Mr. Smith can’t talk right now,” choose something like “Mr. Smith stepped out of the office for a moment, but I’d be happy to transfer you to his Voicemail or take down your information and ask him give you a call.”

8. When taking a message. Avoid telling the caller that someone will be calling them back immediately, unless you know for a fact that someone will be doing so. Try telling the caller that you will get the message to the intended individual right away and they will get back to them as soon as they are able.

9. ALWAYS end the call on a positive note. “Thank you so much for calling John, I hope you have a great rest of your day!”

Remember to implement these 9 tips into your everyday phone calls and you won’t be disappointed with what your customers have to say about your company’s professional phone presence!