How Does the Target Market Media Consumption Affect the Strategy?


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Knowing the media-consumption habits of a target audience can help a business owner create an effective marketing campaign. For example, if target consumers favor a particular media channel – such as a television station, radio station, magazine or newspaper – you can use that information to deliver your marketing messages directly to them.


Your target customers may enjoy a particular aspect or offering of the media channel. For example, they might watch a specific television program, listen to a particular radio show or flip directly to the sports section of the newspaper. Understanding media consumption habits in this respect helps you place your advertisement effectively within the media channel.


It also helps to know what consumers are doing while they are using a media channel. Suppose a car dealership decides to reach its audience by advertising on a radio station in the morning. Knowing that most people are driving to work at this time of the day, the dealership might design an advertisement that speaks directly to commuters by explaining how a comfortable car can ease the pain of sitting in traffic jams. Similarly, if the dealership knows target consumers tune in to the radio station while they are busy working or making dinner, its advertisement might use loud jingles and sound effects to catch the listener’s attention.

Market Research

Business owners can hire a market research firm to help determine strategies for reaching a particular segment of the population. Market researchers draw on a large variety of techniques to study consumer behavior to create behavioral profiles and help advertisers tailor marketing campaigns to the consumption habits of their target audience. Researchers might use surveys, focus groups and questionnaires to generate a database of media consumption habits. They then use statistical methods to identify consumption patterns, providing valuable insights that help advertisers identify the most cost-effective strategies for reaching an audience.

Media Planners and Buyers

Media planners and buyers help businesses implement marketing campaigns. These experts can orchestrate complex strategies, such as airing television commercials in short bursts during periods when the target customers are likely to be watching. The alternative approach – airing commercials during every available period – would drain an advertising budget unnecessarily. While hiring all these marketing experts might seem expensive, the investment pays off if you can avoid wasting money on ineffective strategies.

Source: Stan Mack

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