Tanner Chambers – Production Strategist


Tanner is a Minnesota-born graphic designer with a background in television journalism, broadcast technology and marketing. He landed his first TV job while in college, working first as a part-time assistant webmaster and then as an associate producer for Valley News Live in Fargo, North Dakota. He graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science studying graphic design and mass communications.

A marketing internship brought him to Sioux Falls in the summer of 2014, where he continued to add to his experiences, working as an advertising copywriter, KELOLAND reporter, non-profit administrative assistant, business-to-business broadcast technology marketer and digital freelance artist specializing in graphic design, videography and motion graphics.

Tanner joined the Complete Media team in October 2016 and has thrown himself into his work, developing built-to-last business brands while expanding his web skill set with HTML coding, email and web builders, WordPress, Google AdWords, Facebook ads and more.

He and his wife live with their three small dogs near downtown Sioux Falls.


Commercial Critiques

Nate Anderson Public Relations and Media Strategy Complete Media Inc.,
I have always been fascinated by commercials, and instead of mindlessly flipping through the channels whenever they come on, I find myself critiquing them to find out what the goal of each commercial is. As you can imagine, this can be annoying to anyone else in the room when I make sure to point out what the commercial was trying to accomplish or have to explain to my wife that even if it’s a cute commercial, was it effective?

Let’s start off with the series of oddball spots by the people of Old Spice. If it’s one thing they are good at, it’s weird commercials. The benefit is that Old Spice has dedicated itself to producing these weird commercials and has made it effective by keeping with the same message. Most recently, they have turned to an animatronic humanoid, who even though is not technically a man, he smells like one and is hard to resist.

Old Spice Commercial

Old Spice takes the same message that their competitors take, “buy our products, smell good, be attractive,” but go so over the top that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity. Old Spice continues to be one of the bestselling brands in the market. They use a stereotype and take a different approach to appeal to their target market.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how often dads in commercials are stereotyped as bumbling oafs who don’t know the first thing about changing a diaper or boiling spaghetti noodles. Being a father of three kids with a wife who works full time as a professor AND is pursuing her doctorate, the luxuries of the mythical commercial dad who gets by on charm alone don’t exactly hit home. That’s why I was so enamored when I came across this ad for Peanut Butter Cheerios and made sure to share it on all my social media channels.

Cheerios Commercial

Don’t get me wrong, do I feel the message is negated a bit by the fact that the dad’s idea of a great breakfast is cereal? Sure, but at least it doesn’t have the dad screwing breakfast up and needing the mom to come in for the rescue. It depicts a busy family with two working parents, who rely on each other to accomplish the everyday tasks of parenthood. Here’s to Cheerios, who have been leading the way with breaking the stereotypical depictions of commercial families.

Advertising commercials not only have to be memorable, they have to evoke so much connection that it prompts you to try their brand or switch to their brand. For the record, I bought Peanut Butter Cheerios because I didn’t know they existed until I saw that commercial online.

If you have a favorite commercial or a commercial that boggles the mind, leave a comment, and before you go for the remote take some time to study the art of advertising.


I Wish I’d Said That


Over the course of my years in media, marketing and advertising, I have come across hundreds of catchy terms, clever phrases and the latest buzz words encapsulating my work world. Most have faded from memory. Some actually had an impact on me and were deemed worth saving. These are some of my favorites:

“The business that considers itself immune to the necessity of advertising sooner or later finds itself immune to business.” ~ Derby Brown

“In advertising, not to be different is virtual suicide.” ~ William Bernbach

“What you say in advertising is more important than how you say it.” ~ David Ogilvy

“In our factory, we make lipstick. In our advertising, we sell hope.” ~ Charles Revson

“Remove advertising, disable a person or firm from proclaiming it’s wares and their merits, and the whole of society and of the economy is transformed.” ~Unknown

“The enemies of advertising are the enemies of freedom.” ~ John Enoch Powell

“Doing business without advertising is like winking at a girl in the dark. You know what you’re doing, but nobody else does.” ~ Steuart H. Britt

“Advertising is the foot on the accelerator, the hand on the throttle, the spur on the flank that keeps our economy surging forward.” ~ Robert W. Sarnoff

“Advertising is the very essence of democracy.” ~ Bruce Barton


#sadiefromcompletemedia talks internet sensation #alexfromtarget



Social media, when used correctly, is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s culture. As a 25 year old in the marketing world, I will never know an industry without social media. Internet marketing capabilities have exploded in the last few years, but can be traced back to the 1970s. One early social media platform was CompuServe that was present in the business world in the 1970s and expanded into public domain in the late 80s. You were able to chat on thousands of discussion forums with many other people. Other popular platforms emerged throughout the years such as Friendster, Myspace and then Facebook in 2004.


With the help of Facebook and Twitter, founded in 2006, the public has been able to enjoy, or cringe, at the numerous “viral” videos and pictures spread on the internet. The most recent head scratcher is #alexfromtarget. Haven’t heard of him? Read this to get some background information. Alex, from Target, gained almost 1 million Twitter followers overnight from a simple snap shot going viral. There are now rumors about Target doing an ad campaign specifically about #alexfromtarget. Do you think that would be good for their brand or should they leave the poor 16-year-old Justin Beiber look-a-like from Texas alone?


I’m pretty sure his 15 minutes of fame will end soon, but that’s ok because tomorrow there will be another crazy story circling the internet. The ability to share information has come a long way in the last few decades and I’m interested to see what the future holds. If you’re not on social media, you’re missing some unbelievably fun stories, and also a great business opportunity! Happy posting!


Complete Media Tows Redi Towing to Results


Prior to working with us, Redi Towing did not have a web presence.  Immediately upon our partnership, we built them a mobile friendly website so drivers could access their contact information with ease.  We then began their Search Engine Optimization campaign to ensure that their mobile website could be found by those looking for their services.

We also provide Redi Towing with supporting ideas to help build their brand recognition and business.  It also will help them retain current and past customers!  We support their social media efforts, as well, giving us more of an advantage to increase their search engine rankings and we track their incoming traffic to ensure that they are getting a solid return on their investment.

Casey Roth, Owner
Redi Towing
(605) 610-3446

Leading the Weigh- Marketing Partnership

Scale Center partnered with Complete Media Inc to take their business to the next level. Scale Center went from having no online presence to have a well-oiled website that is a true marketing tool.


The Complete Media team has worked with Scale Center to learn the ins and outs of their business, leading to increased traffic on their website. The Scale Center team can now send potential clients and partners to their site to find out more about their upstanding company. They have seen a true return on investment through their marketing dollars.


Contact Information:
Wayne Weigelt, Owner
Scale Center
2900 W. Russell Street
Sioux Falls, SD 57107




Why do I need more then one domain name?


Q: I have heard a lot of buying domain names. Why do I need more than one?

A: Domain names are like an address to your business. The more domain names, the easier it is for your potential clients to find you. Click  ‘read more’ to find out more about the importance of domain names. Read more…