Tanner Chambers – Production Strategist


Tanner is a Minnesota-born graphic designer with a background in television journalism, broadcast technology and marketing. He landed his first TV job while in college, working first as a part-time assistant webmaster and then as an associate producer for Valley News Live in Fargo, North Dakota. He graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science studying graphic design and mass communications.

A marketing internship brought him to Sioux Falls in the summer of 2014, where he continued to add to his experiences, working as an advertising copywriter, KELOLAND reporter, non-profit administrative assistant, business-to-business broadcast technology marketer and digital freelance artist specializing in graphic design, videography and motion graphics.

Tanner joined the Complete Media team in October 2016 and has thrown himself into his work, developing built-to-last business brands while expanding his web skill set with HTML coding, email and web builders, WordPress, Google AdWords, Facebook ads and more.

He and his wife live with their three small dogs near downtown Sioux Falls.


Michael Williamson – Marketing Strategist


Michael brings over twenty years of marketing and business development experience to the table. He cut his teeth writing for the SD Department of Tourism, then owned and operated his own small business before migrating to the Southwest. There he gained invaluable experience as a copywriter, designer, audio producer, creative director, p.r. manager, account executive and pool cleaner (his own pool, which he misses dearly each winter). Since his return to Sioux Falls he has continued to add to his experiences, working with non-profits, professional service providers, manufacturers, media outlets, and marketing agency entities.

Michael believes the Complete Media approach to providing marketing solutions for small to medium sized businesses is a game changer. His skills and experiences are invaluable when partnering with our clients. He understands the challenges faced by business owners and what traditional agencies fail to recognize when attempting to serve a client’s best interests.

#sadiefromcompletemedia talks internet sensation #alexfromtarget



Social media, when used correctly, is one of the most powerful marketing tools in today’s culture. As a 25 year old in the marketing world, I will never know an industry without social media. Internet marketing capabilities have exploded in the last few years, but can be traced back to the 1970s. One early social media platform was CompuServe that was present in the business world in the 1970s and expanded into public domain in the late 80s. You were able to chat on thousands of discussion forums with many other people. Other popular platforms emerged throughout the years such as Friendster, Myspace and then Facebook in 2004.


With the help of Facebook and Twitter, founded in 2006, the public has been able to enjoy, or cringe, at the numerous “viral” videos and pictures spread on the internet. The most recent head scratcher is #alexfromtarget. Haven’t heard of him? Read this to get some background information. Alex, from Target, gained almost 1 million Twitter followers overnight from a simple snap shot going viral. There are now rumors about Target doing an ad campaign specifically about #alexfromtarget. Do you think that would be good for their brand or should they leave the poor 16-year-old Justin Beiber look-a-like from Texas alone?


I’m pretty sure his 15 minutes of fame will end soon, but that’s ok because tomorrow there will be another crazy story circling the internet. The ability to share information has come a long way in the last few decades and I’m interested to see what the future holds. If you’re not on social media, you’re missing some unbelievably fun stories, and also a great business opportunity! Happy posting!


605 Photo Booth Is Picture Perfect with Complete Media

605 Photo Booth partnered with us as a new business.  We developed a logo and letterhead for them along with a website that impresses their prospects and clients.  We drive traffic to their website and they are booking events from the driven phone calls.


605 Photo Booth’s marketing is also providing them with a significant return on their investment.  Their business continues to grow and we continue to drive inbound leads for them.  We also provide them with consultative ideas to provide more solutions for their business growth.


Tucker Christopherson, Owner
605 Photo Booth

Communication is Everything



Strong communication skills are one of the most powerful assets of success. Everything we need and desire is achieved through communication on a daily basis. Through communication mastery, success can be achieved in every aspect of your life.

One of the techniques to achieving strong communication is through positive body language. This is also known as nonverbal language which conducts 80% of all communication. This includes your body language, the tone in your voice, and any gestures you make while speaking. Your nonverbal communication can show that you are being an active listener or that you are multitasking. People want to know that you are listening to what they are saying. So let me ask you this…

How do you listen to other people? What does your facial expression say? When a coworker or your significant other is trying to communicate with you, what is your body language telling them? Do you continue to look down at your phone or type away on your computer while they are trying to tell you a story or discuss a problem with you?

One way to show you are actively listening to them is to mirror their body language. This is a way to show enthusiasm at what they are saying and it tells them that you are engaged in their story. Another way to look at this concept is to mirror your body language with what YOU are saying. If you are telling an exciting story, does your body language scream, “You better pay attention to this story because it’s awesome!” or is it a story you have told before and you don’t necessarily want to share it yet again, but you are humoring your audience?

A second way to show active listening is through LEAPS. LEAPS stands for Listen, Empathize, Ask, Paraphrase, and Summarize. Chalene Johnson indicates that through following these steps will help you become an active listener. Listening is defined as giving the speaker your undivided attention. Put down your phone, stop what you are doing, and LOOK at the person that is speaking to you. Empathizing with what the speaker is saying is the next step and this can be one of the hardest steps. This means you need to think about what the person is saying and understand why they are saying it. For example, your friend is having a conversation with you about how you ‘hurt their feelings’. If you cannot set your ego aside and empathize with your friend where they are coming from, you cannot truly actively listen to them. You then need to ask questions to let the speaker know you are actively processing what they are saying followed by paraphrasing sentences so they know you understand. At the end of the conversation, discussing a quick summary is beneficial to ensure everyone is on the same page. This method helps avoid ‘hot button’ conversations that cause larger conflicts.

I know that this blog was a little long, but communication is an extremely important skill for success and I wish nothing but success for you in the future!

April 24 : Know What Your Visitor Do On Your Website With Site Analytics


Turn Your Hits into Cash

It’s like having the ultimate secret shopper program.  They don’t even know they’re helping you out!  With Site Analytics, you can determine what exactly the users who access your website are doing – what pages are they visiting, how long are they staying, what part of the world are they from, and how they are getting to your website in the first place!

All this information is key when developing your ongoing strategies for your web marketing campaign.  It provides a fuller picture of just who exactly your users are and where they are in the sales pipeline.  It helps to determine how to transition them from just a click on the web to a sale on your sheet.

Learn how Site Analytics can help accomplish these goals on April 24th at noon, only at Complete Media.  $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.


Breaking marketing ground with Groundwater!

Complete Media has worked with Groundwater to take their business to the next level.  Groundwater has experience growth in their business.  This growth stems from qualified leads generated by their optimized online presence.
Complete Media has worked hard to ensure that Groundwater’s branding is represented fully throughout all of their marketing.  With the help of Complete Media, Groundwater is growing beyond their expectations.
Contact Information
Lance Meyerink, Owner
Groundwater, Inc.
Phone: (605) 593-5828

Picture Perfect with Complete Media

605 Photobooth partnered with us as a new business.  We developed a logo and letterhead for them along with a website that impresses their prospects and clients.  We drive traffic to their website and they are booking events from the driven phone calls.
605 Photobooth’s marketing is also providing them with a significant return on their investment.  Their business continues to grow and we continue to drive inbound leads for them.
Tucker Christopherson, Owner
605 Photobooth

The Myths About Call Tracking




Call tracking comes with many misconceptions as most people don’t fully grasp the powerful knowledge and data it generates. Below are the five most common call tracking myths, and how we’re debunking them!

Myth Number 1: My customers will notice different numbers and be suspicious. These days, callers use cell phones for the majority of calls they need to make. With this mind set, people are not as aware of the actual number they are dialing. They are also less likely to remember this number or write it down because with smart phones, searching for a number on the internet has become a more efficient way to make calls. In our extensive experience, few callers even notice the digits that appear on the phone when they make a call.

Myth Number 2: Call tracking just presents more risk for dropped calls. Call tracking routes a caller seamlessly to your business without them or your staff noticing any changes. As far as call quality goes, we pay our phone carrier a premium to maintain our 99.99% connection rate. Moreover, adding call tracking leads to less dropped calls. We typically are first to know when a client’s phone network or hardware malfunctions leading to less down time and faster repairs.

Myth Number 3: It just creates more work for me. Fortunately, this myth couldn’t be further from the truth! Summary-level reports are designed to show which marketing pieces are the most effective in the simplest way possible. We even go so far as to listen to your calls FOR you in order to bring to your attention only the most valuable calls! Call recording and agent activity reports drive action in themselves, by providing a feedback loop that effortlessly encourages agents to make the most of every single phone call.

Myth Number 4: It’s more efficient to get a unique number from my phone provider. It is true that a unique number can be provided by any phone service provider, and you could probably get a call count record from that company. Unfortunately, getting actionable data will likely prove to be difficult and expensive. Of the many features your phone company will either be unable to offer or will charge you for, here are just a few that we have available:

  • FREE Text messaging to email
  • Call tracking
  • Calling reports

Myth Number 5: Call tracking is just another expense to add to my budget. On the contrary, call tracking is one of the most effective ways to SAVE your marketing dollars! It makes it painfully clear how IN-effective some of your marketing is. For example, a $15 tracking number might show what a waste your $5,000 direct mailer was. Even more powerful than preventing you from spending money on what doesn’t work, call tracking will point out what does. It will help you allocate your budget to spend more money on pieces that get you a higher return on investment (ROI). We always say that a good rule of thumb is to spend 3% of your marketing budget on call tracking to make sure that the other 97% is working. Call tracking pays for itself pretty quickly by helping you capture more leads on the same budget.

Now that you know the truth and the many advantages of call tracking, start benefiting from the data and reports today!  Call Complete Media to find out more!

January 16: Know What Your Domains Are Worth


Buy Low, Sell High
There is a whole subsection of the web marketing industry who specialize in the buying and selling of domain names – much like the stock market.  They purchase generic domain names that have high value in keywords, and then sell them to companies interested in bulking up their domain marketing.

Kind of a crazy thought, huh?

Fact of the matter is some domains do have a high value and serious money can come into play.  We’ve had clients’ offered thousands of dollars for their domain.  What’s your domain worth?

Learn about Domain Name Appraisals at Complete Media at noon on January 16th.  $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.