Turtle Bros Painting came to Complete Media at the very start of their business. It was the perfect blank canvas for our team of experts to create a new and refined brand. Along with the complete new look, we have designed and launched a professional website for their potential clients to schedule a painting or learn more about their services.

We also drive prospective clients to their website with an online search engine campaign. Our team is excited about the Turtle Bros Painting brand and look forward to seeing this new business grow in to a masterpiece.


Dalton Hohn-Hill
Turtle Bros Painting


October 21: Got the content, share the information..get a blog today!


Writing is Scary

Most small business owners shy away from creating their own content. They think they won’t know what to say or how to say it. Once you ask those same business owners questions about their business or their clients, you’ll find yourself there for hours. Don’t know what to say, huh?

Generating content is surprisingly easy and organizing isn’t much tougher. This month’s Business Builder Seminar is all about that. Write about the things that your clients and potential clients want to hear. Show people how experienced and knowledgeable in the industry you are.

We’ll see you at Complete Media on October 21st at noon. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

First Class Dental Brightens Their Marketing

First Class Dental has been partnering with Complete Media to help increase their web presence. Complete Media built First Class Dental a new website and also manages all search engine optimization and search engine marketing.

Complete Media has also supported the promotion for First Class Dental’s extended hours. Complete Media also has been key in scheduling meetings with doctors and hospitals for the twenty-four hour emergency service First Class Dental offers.  Their extended hour focus landed them an emergency patient all the way from Watertown! It’s all about getting their business out there so they can make more money.

Dr. Zach Beecroft, Owner
First Class Dental Care
6703 S. Louise Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57108

Education Edge Now Has Professional Web Presence

Education Edge Now partnered with Complete Media to increase their profits. We designed, developed and programmed a website for them to drive traffic to their business. We are able to track incoming phone calls, emails, and web hits, giving the Education Edge Now team an accurate description of what their marketing investment is providing for a return on investment.

We also support their social media efforts, keeping their accounts up to date, so they can maintain top of mind awareness with their clients and prospective clients. We also provide consultative marketing services, helping them grow their business.

Tish Nelson, Owner
Education Edge Now

CMI Drives Traffic to Schwebach Financial

Schwebach Financial partnered with us to increase the return on their marketing investment. We started the process by learning more about their specific needs. We then developed a website for their financial planning business as well as a website to promote the Medicare services they provide. We have been able to create a solid brand throughout their materials and better client top of mind awareness. We currently drive traffic to their business with a print ad campaign and web marketing, including search engine marketing and search engine optimization, optimizing their return on investment!

Due to the industry Schwebach Financial is in, we were tasked to work with compliance department to make sure their website and materials were following the rules and restrictions in place. We were able to assist the Schwebach Financial team through the process to make it smooth and easy for them, saving them time and money.

Jeff Schwebach, Owner
Schwebach Financial
505 E. 4th St.
Dell Rapids, SD 57022

Dow Rummel Stands Out With Complete Media

Dow Rummel Village has partnered with Complete Media to ramp up their marketing. Over the years, Complete Media has helped drive web traffic, phone calls, and emails. We have conceptualized, produced, and executed on going direct mail campaigns and special events.   Complete Media has worked on search engine optimization, social media optimization, and website updates that have helped with the overall branding efforts of Dow Rummel. We have tracked all of these results and provided to be an asset to the Dow Rummel Village team.

Kjersten Joachim, Director of Marketing and Communications
Dow Rummel Village
1321 W Dow Rummel St.
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Risty Benefits Increases Their Sales With CMI

Risty Benefits has been a long time partner with Complete Media. We have helped develop the branding and marketing messages for Risty Benefits in Sioux Falls. We have also helped create the positive branding that is seen by prospects and clients. Complete Media has developed strategies that have helped to make Risty Benefits more successful on the web. Recently, we have designed the South Dakota Flex Benefits Website for Risty Benefits.

Roger Risty, President
Risty Benefits
1324 S Minnesota Ave
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Are You Choosing the Right Color For Your Brand?


A vital part of any great brand are the colors that are thoughtfully chosen to represent a business. Target has their iconic red, Ford with the blue, and then there are the Golden Arches of McDonalds. These colors were chosen for a specific purpose and when it comes to choosing a color to represent your brand, there are many things to consider.

Color is the first sensory touch point with a customer or client. A customer will make a quick judgement of your business on just the color of your marketing materials. They may not realize that the color plays a part, but it does.

Choosing a color to represent your brand and business goes beyond the realm of artistic choice. You can find colors that fit your demographic and have a better chance of standing out among competition. I challenge you to take some time from your busy schedules and note what kind of colors your competitors are using and what you think they are trying to represent with those colors.

Here is a resource that you can use to find what colors are associated with what psychological properties.

Does the color of your logo and branding materials represent the kind of business you are or the type of product you are selling? If you need help or are ready for a change in your corporate identity Complete Media is here to help you build a better brand and make you more money!

Dynamic Yard Care Works With CMI From The Start

Dynamic Yard Care partnered with Sioux Falls advertising agency, Complete Media, at the start of their business. We helped them with their business startup which included their name, logo, website, etc. They were able to start their business with a professional brand, giving them a competitive edge against other businesses in their industry. Dynamic Yard Care’s materials match their brand and identity, creating prospect recognition. Through their partnership with us, they have been able to track their return on investment and continue to grow.

Matt Holzwarth, Owner
Dynamic Yard Care

Complete Media Helps Puts Capital Cove Cabin on the Map


Complete Media partnered with Capital Cove Cabin at the start of their business.  We developed their entire branding and marketing campaign. This included a logo, letterhead, envelopes, and businesses cards. In addition, shirts, hats, signage, promotional items were produced.  We also extensively designed and developed their website to market their available time slots.  We currently work with them to execute strategies to book their cabin and to support their social media efforts.

Our Teleservices Department also works with Capital Cove Cabin by answering and responding to incoming phone calls and email inquiries.  We drive premier customer service with virtual phone systems, phone answering, and receptions services. This allows their prospective tenants to receive quick responses, giving the Capital Cove Cabin team a competitive edge over other businesses in their industry.

Julie Luke, Owner
Luke Properties