When online shopping first hit the scene, consumers were trending only towards the mega-sites that were the Wal-Mart’s of online stores. (You could do that shopping in your pajamas, just like Wal-Mart!) As online shopping has stabilized and more Mom and Pop style companies have come on the scene, online shopping has become more and more a part of the regular economy.

The latest trend is for online sales to increase business for local shops along with the bigger businesses. Rather than driving across town, many consumers are choosing to visit a local company’s online store, which means you should probably get one so you can close the deals that don’t make it through your doors.

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Everyone Is In Sales


“Wait Jessica… I’m not in sales.” Oh, no?  You’re not in sales? “But Jessica, I’m an accountant.” “But Jessica, I’m a stay at home mom.” “But Jessica, I’m running a business and have staff that goes out to bring in new business.” Think about it, the accountant is selling their knowledge on providing tax breaks to their clients. The stay at home mom is selling broccoli and bed making to her children along with selling the idea to her husband that the new pair of shoes she purchased was necessary. The business owner is selling a long term position in the company so they can keep their turnover rate low. Or how about when you’re looking for a promotion? What are you selling then? That’s right, you’re selling yourself.

Every small business owner must take on the role of salesman at some point, whether that is handling suppliers, bankers or customers. As a small business owner, you have the largest impact on your business, larger than any of your employees. Are you screening calls coming in from other businesses? Not returning the phone calls because it could be a waste of your time? The person on the other line might not be able to benefit from your business personally, but everyone has a sphere of influence of 250 people and I bet that they know someone who might be able to benefit from your services. Do you think they’ll want to refer business to you if you never return their phone call? If you’re not giving them the time of day to have a 3 minute conversation on the phone, they are going to assume that’s how you would treat their referral. You just sold this person that you are not a business they would want their network to work with. Every decision you make can affect your business, make sure your actions reflect good customer relations. Or contact Complete Media and we can layout an effective business plan for you!


The Power of Customer Service

The Power of Customer Service

With social media being the biggest form of “word of mouth” advertising, it’s important that you give your customers something to talk about. If you’ve read any of my blogs you know I’m a big fan of Kissmetrics. They had this nice infographic  that explained how companies with great customer service succeed. Take a step back and look at your company through the eyes of your customer. What do you see? Is your staff friendly? Does your customer service team respond quickly to customer requests? What kind of experience is your customer receiving when they walk through your doors or call your store? Customers who have had a negative experience with even the smallest aspect of your business are more likely to say something to their friends and social media followers. Don’t let that happen to your business. Give your customers a positive experience and they will recommend you to everyone they run across!

Step-by-Step Guide for Defusing a Heated Customer Service Situation

While I normally write my own posts, I ran short on time so I lifted this from Yaniv Masjedi. Yaniv is VP of marketing at Nextiva and a close, personal friend of mine. Actually I’ve never met him, but I do agree with his take on unhappy clients/customers.

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It’s Worth Making Time When You Can Make Money

Those who can benefit from being on social media at work are usually those that don’t want to.  Those that shouldn’t be on social media at work are usually the ones that are doing it.  Ironic?  Kind of like rain on your wedding day.

Fact of the matter is, with 72% of US internet users on Facebook and other social media, this is the perfect chance for you to make a real connection and develop a relationship with current and potential clients.

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