May 18: Open Forum


Keep It Coming

We always get great feedback from clients who attend the open forum sessions. That’s why we keep bringing them back! We’re opening the doors and inviting anyone to come learn how to enhance their web marketing strategy, get the most out of their campaigns and capitalize on their success.

Come with specific questions or come just to listen and learn. Meet other members of the circle and walk away with some new ideas!

Noon on May 18th at Complete Media.


April 20: Know What Your Visitor Do On Your Website With Site Analytics


Turn Your Hits into Cash

It’s like having the ultimate secret shopper program. They don’t even know they’re helping you out! With Site Analytics, you can determine what exactly the users who access your website are doing – what pages are they visiting, how long are they staying, what part of the world are they from, and how they are getting to your website in the first place!

All this information is key when developing your ongoing strategies for your web marketing campaign. It provides a fuller picture of just who exactly your users are and where they are in the sales pipeline. It helps to determine how to transition them from just a click on the web to a sale on your sheet.

Learn how Site Analytics can help accomplish these goals on April 20th at noon, only at Complete Media. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

March 16: Sell your products and services online


Keep It Local Online

When online shopping first hit the scene, consumers were trending only towards the megasites that we’re essentially the Wal-Mart of online stores. (You could do that shopping in your pajamas, too. Just like Wal-Mart!) As online shopping has stabilized and more Mom and Pop style companies have come on the scene, online shopping has become more and more a part of the regular economy.

The latest trend is for online sales to increase business for even local shops. Rather than driving across town, many consumers are choosing to cruise a local companies online store. Which means you should probably get one so you can close the deals that don’t make it through your doors.

Learn how to integrate online shopping into your web marketing strategy on March 16th at noon. Always at Complete Media. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

February 17: Keep your Competition at Bay Using Domain Names


The majority of web traffic is through search engines. That includes traffic meant to go to specific websites (as in Googling “Complete Media” as opposed to typing in the browser bar) A domain campaign helps to ensure that users looking for industry related terms are directed to your website first.

Domain campaigns are a fairly low cost addition to any web marketing strategy and can yield surprising results. It’s essential to find the right domain names for your area, though. We can help with that.

Stop down at Complete Media on February 17th at noon to learn how to take advantage of this web marketing strategy. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

Dec. 16: Never Ever Ever Lose Your Domain…Ever!


When the domain name goes, everything else goes, too!

Your credit card expires. You change your email address and don’t update your domain contact information. Someone close to you, or a social engineer, transfers your domain name away without your permission. One oversight and you could lose the domain name you worked so hard to get. That means any website or email services associated with it will stop working.

You can protect yourself from this disaster…and it can be a disaster.

Learn what Protected Domain Registration is and how it can save your website. December 16th, Complete Media at noon. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

November 18: Turn website users into customers


Where Your Users Look

The average internet user spends 3 minutes on a website before navigating away. Do you know how long they spend on yours? Do you know where they spend that time? Do you know how they got to your website or where they are located?

You can.

All this information is key to mounting a website campaign. It helps you to understand how users interact with your website and to gauge where they are in the sales process when they do. You can use that information to turn website hits into sales. The tool is called Site Analytics.

Learn how to use this powerful program on November 18th, noon at Complete Media. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

October 21: Got the content, share the information..get a blog today!


Writing is Scary

Most small business owners shy away from creating their own content. They think they won’t know what to say or how to say it. Once you ask those same business owners questions about their business or their clients, you’ll find yourself there for hours. Don’t know what to say, huh?

Generating content is surprisingly easy and organizing isn’t much tougher. This month’s Business Builder Seminar is all about that. Write about the things that your clients and potential clients want to hear. Show people how experienced and knowledgeable in the industry you are.

We’ll see you at Complete Media on October 21st at noon. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

August 19: Reach More Customers For Less With This One Tool


Come to Complete Media on Wednesday, August 19th at noon to learn how to reach more customers for less. Complete Media offers our Full Circle Members (or $10 non-members) FREE business builder seminars every third Wednesday of the month.

Direct mail can be a largely powerful tool for reaching out to current customers, but it is also cost prohibitive. A lot of the same effects can be achieved through a smartly executed email marketing campaign. For that, we have Express E-mail Marketing.

Now, we already know a lot of you are thinking “Yeah, right. If I never read my spam, what makes you think others read yours?” When done right, though, the cost per impression is well worth it. We can track open rates, click throughs, and get a better understanding of how clients are interacting with your brand. You can manage multiple lists, social accounts, survey your customers and put all that information to good use.

When done right, it is a huge sales tool for your business. Learn how you can build your client list, improve your retention and increase brand loyalty using Express E-mail Marketing Wednesday the 19th, noon, at Complete Media.

July 15: Find the best places to advertise your business


Getting the Most Out of Your Dollars

You have a great print ad that’s been designed well and get’s all the information across. Then you place it in a prominent free distribution local magazine. You’ve invested some money into this and you just didn’t get the response you were hoping for. Why is that?

Along with the factors of “what you say” and “how you say it” comes “where you say it.” If your ad doesn’t get in front of the right people at the right time, it loses the majority of its effectiveness. You don’t see ads for makeup in Outdoorsman Weekly or ads for Remington in Good Parenting.

The next Business Builder Seminar will help you understand how to get in front your potential customers at the right time. Fortunately, if you’re working with a Full Service Ad Agency (like us!), you have a team of experts who know how to analyze your market and make the best decisions.

See you at the next Business Builder Seminar on the 15th at noon. Only at Complete Media!

$10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

June 17: Drive traffic to your website with domain names


Be Search Friendly

How many domain names do you have? At least one if you have a website, although with all the free “websites” out there, that’s not necessarily true anymore. If you’re serious about being found on the internet, we recommend 10 or more per website.

Having a strong domain name campaign can seriously improve traffic to your website. Multiple effective, keyword strong, domains can make sure you’re discovered for more searches than just putting up one domain and hoping for the best.

Advertise your website as much as possible using domain names. It’s cheap, it’s easy, it’s effective. Learn how to make it happen on June 17th at noon, where else? Complete Media.

$10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.