Feb. 18: Protect Your Business With Domain Names


Taking the proper steps in registering domain names related to your business can help legally protect you and your business, should something happen.

It can also help boost the effectiveness of your web marketing campaign by generating more traffic to your website and establishing online credibility. A strong, business oriented, domain campaign can protect your business. Don’t let them get away, start researching today!

Learn what steps you should take by coming down to Complete Media on February 18th at noon.  See you there!


Dakota Millwork Opens a New Door with Complete Media

Dakota Millwork partnered with us to track their marketing dollars and to increase their profits. We drive traffic to their site and track all incoming business inquiries, giving them an accurate analysis on what their marketing dollars are generating.  We execute online advertising and search engine marketing campaigns to optimize their marketing dollars, providing them with the best return on investment possible!

Our team also conducts an outbound campaign for them, connecting and networking Dakota Millwork with valuable referral and lead sources. This creates top of mind awareness with the leads and referral sources.  In conjunction with the outbound campaign, we have produced new corporate identity materials, including wooden business card, giving Dakota Millwork a great first and lasting impression with the connections they are making!  During these processes, we provide consultative marketing services to them because when it comes down to it, it’s all about making our clients more money!

Brad Jans, Owner
Dakota Millwork
(605) 610-2169

Complete Media Keeps Moonlighting by Anderson’s Marketing Investment out of the Dark


Prior to working with us, Moonlighting by Anderson did not have a website.  We built a website for them and worked diligently on building a solid Search Engine Optimization campaign.  Today, Moonlighting by Anderson is ranked #1 on Google which provides them with inbound business and a strong advantage over their competition!  All of their inbound business is tracked to ensure that their marketing dollars are providing them with a solid return on their investment.

Keith Anderson, Owner
Moonlighting by Anderson
(605) 359-5094

Complete Media Helps Keep Fox Storage’s Units Full

When Complete Media partnered with Fox Storage, they built them a website to boost their web presence that allows them to reach their target market.  Potential clients can easily access the information they are looking for which gives Fox Storage a leg up on their competition.

Complete Media continues to drive traffic to their website.  Fox Storage is able to keep their storage facilities full which maximizes their measure of success.  Their marketing dollars are providing them with a solid return on their investment and are being fully optimized through tracking features, allowing out team to know what is working in their campaign.

Jeff Vavra, Owner
Fox Storage / AGA Properties
(605) 593-9341

Sadie Ellwein – Traffic Director


Sadie Ellwein is our newest campaign coach for the ever growing Complete Media Team. She grew up in the sweetest place on earth, Hershey, Pennsylvania, but her South Dakota roots brought her back to Sioux Falls where she attended Lincoln High School. A major in public relations and a minor is graphic design kept her busy in her college years at Minnesota State University, Mankato. When she’s not creating great marketing campaigns, she enjoys summer activities such as boating and water-skiing. This crazy cat lady also loves to travel and spend time with friends and family. A few of her adventures include attending the Iditarod in Anchorage, Alaska, participating in the 2005 Rose Bowl Parade in California and a cross-country road trip to the East Coast. “I have a passion for helping people, and I would love to help you grow your business.”

P: 605.360.2259
C: 605.261.8396
E: sadie@completemediainc.com

December 12: CMI 360.com Open Forum



Giving the Gift of Knowledge

Back by popular demand, our Business Builder Open Forum.  Many of our clients have found this to be an incredibly useful tool to boosting their online sales and overall effectiveness of their web campaigns.

Come with questions on any of our products and strategies relevant to your current campaign or maybe on some things you think you’d like to add.  Anything and everything is open.

Make the most of this opportunity by coming down to Complete Media at noon on the 12th of December.  We’re South Dakotans, brave the weather.

November 7: Social Marketing…Yes, you do need to do it, so stop arguing!



It’s Worth Making Time When You Can Make Money

Those who can benefit from being on social media at work are usually those that don’t want to.  Those that shouldn’t be on social media at work are usually the ones that are doing it.  Ironic?  Kind of like rain on your wedding day.

Fact of the matter is, with 72% of US internet users on Facebook and other social media, this is the perfect chance for you to make a real connection and develop a relationship with current and potential clients.

Find out how to make it worth your while on Nov 7 at noon, over the river and through the woods, at Complete Media.  $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.