The Big Impact of Small Business Marketing in Sioux Falls


Collaborative Effort with Clients Reaps Economic Dividends

Recently, our marketing and advertising agency in Sioux Falls put a pencil as to how the clients we represent impact the local Sioux Falls economy. What we discovered is a multi-million dollar ramification that cannot be ignored.

In 2016, the combined trackable revenue growth among our just over one hundred clients was $6,306,893.91.

Additionally, if one assumes the typical business designates 1% of their profit towards charitable giving, that translates into $643,068.00 in donations among Complete Media clients. The typical client staff averages fewer than a dozen.

For over fifteen years, our Sioux Falls advertising agency has been working to assist our clients with all aspects of marketing, advertising, and business development by offering services including graphic design, copywriting, web development, video production, media services, public relations, campaign management, and event planning.

Several years ago, our owner and president, Matt Luke, recognized a certain segment of the local business community was being underserved when it came to marketing and advertising. Small businesses often do not have the luxury of hiring traditional agencies, so they either do little to no marketing, have only sporadic, piecemeal campaigns, or try to manage marketing efforts themselves, along with all of the other day-to-day business operations. Matt decided rather than continue to cater to any and all businesses, our company would focus on those businesses which needed marketing support and a feasible option by which to afford professional agency services.

Over the past several years, we have courted, attracted, and partnered with small- to medium-sized businesses, many family-operated, and all but a few locally based. Our agency focuses on trackable strategies providing the best return based on the client’s budget. This approach tends to emphasize online positioning and branding versus promotional product development and intermittent media campaigns — not to their exclusion, but rather implemented on an investment return basis and affordability to execute with necessary frequency. It’s a win-win for the business and the community.

Complete Media Inc is a Sioux Falls marketing, advertising, website design and web hosting company specializing in web design, maintenance and hosting services.

We help small businesses make more money. Learn more.

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March 16: Sell your products and services online


Keep It Local Online

When online shopping first hit the scene, consumers were trending only towards the megasites that we’re essentially the Wal-Mart of online stores. (You could do that shopping in your pajamas, too. Just like Wal-Mart!) As online shopping has stabilized and more Mom and Pop style companies have come on the scene, online shopping has become more and more a part of the regular economy.

The latest trend is for online sales to increase business for even local shops. Rather than driving across town, many consumers are choosing to cruise a local companies online store. Which means you should probably get one so you can close the deals that don’t make it through your doors.

Learn how to integrate online shopping into your web marketing strategy on March 16th at noon. Always at Complete Media. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

February 17: Keep your Competition at Bay Using Domain Names


The majority of web traffic is through search engines. That includes traffic meant to go to specific websites (as in Googling “Complete Media” as opposed to typing in the browser bar) A domain campaign helps to ensure that users looking for industry related terms are directed to your website first.

Domain campaigns are a fairly low cost addition to any web marketing strategy and can yield surprising results. It’s essential to find the right domain names for your area, though. We can help with that.

Stop down at Complete Media on February 17th at noon to learn how to take advantage of this web marketing strategy. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

August 19: Reach More Customers For Less With This One Tool


Come to Complete Media on Wednesday, August 19th at noon to learn how to reach more customers for less. Complete Media offers our Full Circle Members (or $10 non-members) FREE business builder seminars every third Wednesday of the month.

Direct mail can be a largely powerful tool for reaching out to current customers, but it is also cost prohibitive. A lot of the same effects can be achieved through a smartly executed email marketing campaign. For that, we have Express E-mail Marketing.

Now, we already know a lot of you are thinking “Yeah, right. If I never read my spam, what makes you think others read yours?” When done right, though, the cost per impression is well worth it. We can track open rates, click throughs, and get a better understanding of how clients are interacting with your brand. You can manage multiple lists, social accounts, survey your customers and put all that information to good use.

When done right, it is a huge sales tool for your business. Learn how you can build your client list, improve your retention and increase brand loyalty using Express E-mail Marketing Wednesday the 19th, noon, at Complete Media.

July 15: Find the best places to advertise your business


Getting the Most Out of Your Dollars

You have a great print ad that’s been designed well and get’s all the information across. Then you place it in a prominent free distribution local magazine. You’ve invested some money into this and you just didn’t get the response you were hoping for. Why is that?

Along with the factors of “what you say” and “how you say it” comes “where you say it.” If your ad doesn’t get in front of the right people at the right time, it loses the majority of its effectiveness. You don’t see ads for makeup in Outdoorsman Weekly or ads for Remington in Good Parenting.

The next Business Builder Seminar will help you understand how to get in front your potential customers at the right time. Fortunately, if you’re working with a Full Service Ad Agency (like us!), you have a team of experts who know how to analyze your market and make the best decisions.

See you at the next Business Builder Seminar on the 15th at noon. Only at Complete Media!

$10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

Position Available: Outreach Executive

Complete Media is looking to expand and fill a full-time Outreach Executive position on our team.  We are experiencing growth and we’re looking for talented professionals to be a part of our agency.

Essential Job Responsibilities:
•    Maintain a level of visibility for Complete Media in Sioux Falls and the surrounding areas by attending professional events.
•    Connect business owners with our team to explore mutually beneficial partnerships.
•    Support our team with excellence in customer service, by assisting with inbound and outbound phone calls, greeting guests and executing CRM strategies.

•    Excellent communication and presentation skills.
•    Must be results oriented and a self starter.
•    Proficient knowledge of Microsoft Office and Outlook.
•    Ability to work efficiently and independently in a fast-paced environment.
•    Have excellent phone skills.
•    Demonstrate a familiarity with marketing concepts and terms and be able to communicate them clearly both in writing and orally.
•    No prior experience required.
•    Must have a fun, out-going attitude and wear a smile well.

Excellent base salary plus commission, benefits and the opportunity to work with a really fun team!

Call Matt @ 605.360.2259 x 1001 for more information.




When online shopping first hit the scene, consumers were trending only towards the mega-sites that were the Wal-Mart’s of online stores. (You could do that shopping in your pajamas, just like Wal-Mart!) As online shopping has stabilized and more Mom and Pop style companies have come on the scene, online shopping has become more and more a part of the regular economy.

The latest trend is for online sales to increase business for local shops along with the bigger businesses. Rather than driving across town, many consumers are choosing to visit a local company’s online store, which means you should probably get one so you can close the deals that don’t make it through your doors.

Learn how to integrate online shopping into your web marketing strategy on March 18th at noon. Always at Complete Media. $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.

Why You Have to Track Your Marketing Results Starting Now!


It is easy to get excited with all the amazing marketing tools the internet can offer a business and forget to keep track of what is going on. While it is now possible to reach billions of people with a website that never closes or goes on vacation, it is also very easy to lose a lot of money without getting any tangible benefits. The following are some of the reasons that should move you to start tracking your marketing right now:

1. It helps you know whether you are getting a return on investment or not

While all the PowerPoint presentations by your marketing team might make you feel warm and nice inside, nothing can take the place of cold, hard facts. You will need to see statistics that will tell you whether the strategy being employed by your marketing team is actually paying off and providing a solid return on investment or not. Your business might have the best website and some of the coolest social media accounts. However, if all these activities are not giving you the traffic that you were hoping for, then more hard work is required.

2. Tracking your results helps you know which method is the most successful

You might think that you pay per click advertising campaign is the one bringing in all the extra traffic that you have been registering on your website, only to find out that it is the organic search engine optimization campaign that is actually bringing in the extra pairs of digital eye balls. The good thing with tracking is that it removes any inherent bias that the owners of the business or the people conducting different marketing campaigns might have and only brings in raw data that cannot be disputed.

How to track your marketing results

The good news is that it is not that hard to track the effect of your marketing campaigns. There are many free tools (and paid ones of course) that will help you record the number of visitors that come to your site. Many of these tracking tools can also group the visitors according to the method that brought them to your site, giving you more information on which method is working and which one is not. One of the best free tools that you can use is Google analytics. This means that there is no excuse for not tracking your marketing results immediately!

Commercial Critiques

Nate Anderson Public Relations and Media Strategy Complete Media Inc.,
I have always been fascinated by commercials, and instead of mindlessly flipping through the channels whenever they come on, I find myself critiquing them to find out what the goal of each commercial is. As you can imagine, this can be annoying to anyone else in the room when I make sure to point out what the commercial was trying to accomplish or have to explain to my wife that even if it’s a cute commercial, was it effective?

Let’s start off with the series of oddball spots by the people of Old Spice. If it’s one thing they are good at, it’s weird commercials. The benefit is that Old Spice has dedicated itself to producing these weird commercials and has made it effective by keeping with the same message. Most recently, they have turned to an animatronic humanoid, who even though is not technically a man, he smells like one and is hard to resist.

Old Spice Commercial

Old Spice takes the same message that their competitors take, “buy our products, smell good, be attractive,” but go so over the top that you can’t help but laugh at the absurdity. Old Spice continues to be one of the bestselling brands in the market. They use a stereotype and take a different approach to appeal to their target market.

One of my biggest pet peeves is how often dads in commercials are stereotyped as bumbling oafs who don’t know the first thing about changing a diaper or boiling spaghetti noodles. Being a father of three kids with a wife who works full time as a professor AND is pursuing her doctorate, the luxuries of the mythical commercial dad who gets by on charm alone don’t exactly hit home. That’s why I was so enamored when I came across this ad for Peanut Butter Cheerios and made sure to share it on all my social media channels.

Cheerios Commercial

Don’t get me wrong, do I feel the message is negated a bit by the fact that the dad’s idea of a great breakfast is cereal? Sure, but at least it doesn’t have the dad screwing breakfast up and needing the mom to come in for the rescue. It depicts a busy family with two working parents, who rely on each other to accomplish the everyday tasks of parenthood. Here’s to Cheerios, who have been leading the way with breaking the stereotypical depictions of commercial families.

Advertising commercials not only have to be memorable, they have to evoke so much connection that it prompts you to try their brand or switch to their brand. For the record, I bought Peanut Butter Cheerios because I didn’t know they existed until I saw that commercial online.

If you have a favorite commercial or a commercial that boggles the mind, leave a comment, and before you go for the remote take some time to study the art of advertising.


Everyone Is In Sales


“Wait Jessica… I’m not in sales.” Oh, no?  You’re not in sales? “But Jessica, I’m an accountant.” “But Jessica, I’m a stay at home mom.” “But Jessica, I’m running a business and have staff that goes out to bring in new business.” Think about it, the accountant is selling their knowledge on providing tax breaks to their clients. The stay at home mom is selling broccoli and bed making to her children along with selling the idea to her husband that the new pair of shoes she purchased was necessary. The business owner is selling a long term position in the company so they can keep their turnover rate low. Or how about when you’re looking for a promotion? What are you selling then? That’s right, you’re selling yourself.

Every small business owner must take on the role of salesman at some point, whether that is handling suppliers, bankers or customers. As a small business owner, you have the largest impact on your business, larger than any of your employees. Are you screening calls coming in from other businesses? Not returning the phone calls because it could be a waste of your time? The person on the other line might not be able to benefit from your business personally, but everyone has a sphere of influence of 250 people and I bet that they know someone who might be able to benefit from your services. Do you think they’ll want to refer business to you if you never return their phone call? If you’re not giving them the time of day to have a 3 minute conversation on the phone, they are going to assume that’s how you would treat their referral. You just sold this person that you are not a business they would want their network to work with. Every decision you make can affect your business, make sure your actions reflect good customer relations. Or contact Complete Media and we can layout an effective business plan for you!