Tanner Chambers – Production Strategist


Tanner is a Minnesota-born graphic designer with a background in television journalism, broadcast technology and marketing. He landed his first TV job while in college, working first as a part-time assistant webmaster and then as an associate producer for Valley News Live in Fargo, North Dakota. He graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in 2014 with a Bachelor of Science studying graphic design and mass communications.

A marketing internship brought him to Sioux Falls in the summer of 2014, where he continued to add to his experiences, working as an advertising copywriter, KELOLAND reporter, non-profit administrative assistant, business-to-business broadcast technology marketer and digital freelance artist specializing in graphic design, videography and motion graphics.

Tanner joined the Complete Media team in October 2016 and has thrown himself into his work, developing built-to-last business brands while expanding his web skill set with HTML coding, email and web builders, WordPress, Google AdWords, Facebook ads and more.

He and his wife live with their three small dogs near downtown Sioux Falls.


April 17 : Website Tips & Techniques

 Complete Media Marketing Advertising

Make it Easier and Quicker

As we covered earlier, our content management system (CMS) is one of the most user friendly out there.  It’s also one of the most powerful and it strikes a wonderful balance between the two.  It is easy enough for first time users to get done what they need, but strong enough that the more advanced can tackle the updates they want to.

We can make using Website Builder an easy and exciting process with just a few tips and techniques we’ve developed over the years.  Sometimes it just takes that little guidance to go from beginner to advanced.  That’s what we’ll be giving. 

Come down to Complete Media at noon on April 17th to start beefing up your Website Builder skills.  $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.


April 3 : Yes,You Can Edit Your Website Tonight


Not as Hard as You Would Think

Website Builder is one of the most user friendly and powerful Content Management Systems out there. Changing text is as easy as typing in Word. Swapping photos are a breeze.  Even more advanced operations like editing navigation and editing site structure is laid out in a simple and easy to understand fashion.

Having the understanding of how to do even simple text edits on your website would allow you to do as many updates as you’d like. The more frequent, the more reason for users to come back and it makes it more search engine friendly, too. Keep your content fresh and up to date by understanding some basic things with this CMS.

Want to get started?  April 4th, noon at Complete Media.  $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.


December 5: Never ever ever lose your domain…ever!



When the domain name goes, everything else goes, too!

Your credit card expires. You change your email address and don’t update your domain contact information. Someone close to you, or a social engineer, transfers your domain name away without your permission.  One oversight and you could lose the domain name you worked so hard to get. That means any website or email services associated with it will stop working.

You can protect yourself from this disaster…and it can be a disaster.

Learn what Protected Domain Registration is and how it can save your website.  December 5th, Complete Media at noon.  $10 for the general public, free for the Complete Media Circle.